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【Conference Information】The 5th China CSMA Conference, Heima Launched "Shock Wave"!
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The fifth national shock wave medicine (CSMA) conference and the first Chinese medical rescue association sports injury academic conference was held in Beijing on December 1, 2017. Congress opening ceremony by the organiser, international shockwave medical association, chairman of the incoming President, shock wave at the Chinese academy of research hospital professional committee chairs, sports injuries branch of Chinese medical rescue association, 2019 ISMST annual conference chair professor xing he more. From New Zealand, Spain, Germany, the United States, South Korea and China mainland and Hong Kong area more than 200 famous experts in the field of relevant, for more than 1000 participants from all over the country to bring the two new technologies and in the field of academic research.



  The shockwave medical professional committee of China research hospital was formally established in Beijing in December 2013, and it is a national association organized by the ministry of civil affairs of the People's Republic of China. At present, there are more than 500 members and 51 standing committee members. , director of the institute committee by the international society of shockwave medical hou ren, chairman of the Chinese people's armed police general hospital orthopedic center more, professor xing, vice director of the committee of 9 per capita for promoting regional influence, long engaged in shock wave innovation research, the national provinces and cities to promote the development of shock wave medical key 3 armour hospital discipline leaders. Introduction to the second edition of the Chinese expert consensus on extracorporeal shockwave therapy for skeletal muscle diseases (2nd edition) and in vitro shockwave therapy for skeletal muscle diseases. During the ISMST annual meeting held in Malaysia in July 2016, the academic team led by xing yuan-yan was successfully awarded the right to host the ISMST conference in China in 2019 through fierce competition.

   International shockwave medical association chairman Kenneth Craig Vincent, ying-lu guo academician of Chinese academy of engineering, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine, a professor at the department of grassroots Sun Zhenxue berenikeullmann director, armed police general hospital, fudan university, huashan hospital shi-yi Chen, vice President of the professor, the China association for medical rescue sports injuries, and movement of Chinese medical association medical association former chair professor li gp, xiang-ming meng, vice secretary of China research hospital association, China association for medical rescue zong-hao li attended the opening ceremony, President and general assembly speech. At the opening ceremony, a guest of the rostrum jointly launched the "shockwave China tour" ceremony. The meeting will shock wave combines medicine and sports medicine, at the same time, respectively, set up at the venue, is the new progress of the two disciplines in their respective fields, new technology fully discussed and the exchange, and invite domestic and foreign well-known experts in related professional keynote speeches and in-depth discussions.


 Zhuhai violent black medical conference scene, the cutting edge of information communication, learning the most advanced technology, and show the experts the Heima of extracorporeal shock wave strength, won the experts praise.











The shock wave event, not only strengthen the international cooperation and exchanges in shock wave technology, and the content is broad, including blast medical research, innovation and development, tissue repair, femoral head necrosis, eight topics, such as the neck back disease both speech experts and participants, both through this academic exchanges, learned knowledge, broadened horizons, affirmation of self. The new product "extracorporeal shock wave therapy instrument" and other rehabilitation instruments have also been highly evaluated by the experts.

All the staff of the zhuhai Heima will continue to march forward and innovate, and contribute to the great goal of promoting the development of orthopedics medical technology and benefiting the health of all mankind.


All the staff of the zhuhai Heima will continue to march forward and innovate, and contribute to the great goal of promoting the development of orthopedics medical technology and benefiting the health of all mankind.
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