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【Company Information】The 2017 Hema Modern Apprentice Class and the 2016 Hema Modern Apprentice Class Scholarship Conferment Ceremony
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On October 19, 2017, 9 a.m. in the morning, a level 2017 zhuhai dark horse ceremony from master modern apprentice class and grade 2016 zhuhai dark horse modern apprentice class scholarship conferring the classroom on the second floor in the dark horse company headquarters held ceremoniously. Zhuhai dark horse medical instrument co., LTD., general manager of attendees have Wu Xueru Cai Le, deputy general manager, deputy general manager, Zou Wenbiao yue-ping guo, zheng-wei liu teacher representative, and the factory apprentice level 16; Zhuhai city vocational and technical college attendees has mechanical and electrical engineering college Li Junli dean, office of Wu Yuchun, deputy director of the legend, GuZhiYing, director of the China professional teacher, electromechanical integration technology, and 17 level on the apprentice.

The Hema company and zhuhai city post office attach great importance to this conference. At the awarding ceremony, President li and general manager wu spoke respectively, mainly to congratulate and commend the students who received the scholarship. It is an honor to be earned through your own efforts and a good example for other students. It is not only the recognition of the achievement, but also the expectation of the future, hoping that the students will not be arrogant, and will continue to build on the progress. At the same time, I hope that other students who have not won the scholarship will be able to learn excellent role models, not to slack off, and be optimistic and optimistic. The whole class will make progress together in the healthy competition.


The host then read the winners of the Hema encouragement scholarship. The third prize is jointly issued by cui and zou. The second prize is issued by wu deputy director and CAI zong; The first prize was awarded jointly by President li and wu. The students who won the scholarship came to the stage to receive the award, and their youthful face was filled with pride and joy. The students who did not win the prize also applauded warmly and prepared to compete for the next honor.

After the good example of the 16th class, it was the worship ceremony of the 17th grade . The teacher used a traditional apprenticeship. Or student representatives on behalf of the master to serve tea, a cry, "master, please drink tea" and JuGongHang scholars, forged a solemn promise: teacher must do all it can to develop, to impart the experiences and skills without reservation disciple; The disciple respected the master and studied hard, and passed on the experience and skills of the master.

Every classmate after simple introduce myself, all the students to visit the dark horse led by choi company product exhibition hall, and a detailed explanation, not only to let everyone know to step into the company in the future, also set up the students' collective sense of honor. At the same time, the students are not only students but also employees of the enterprise. Be aware of your goals, hone your identity, and realize your values and social values.


Apprentice made to schools, students and the innovation of the enterprise win-win-win model, cultivate professional talents for the enterprise, for schools to reduce pressure, to provide jobs for students, cultivate the required for zhuhai economic zone construction technical and applied talents, for the development of medical science, carry catch up, the rise of green make positive contributions to the far-reaching significance. Free to gallop,Hema! At the same time, I wish every student learn something and become the future leader!




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